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Others opinion about him

Create for him it is happiness
Drita AGOLLI,  film director, was honored as "People's Painter"


He is a Master of the theatre
Naim FRASHERI, famous Albanian actor, "People's Painter"

Its personality is single on the representational arts, in Albania
Perikli CULI, professor, sculptor, "Deserved Artist" of Republic of Albania

  Scenographies of Agim Zajmi make splendid the Albanian theatre
Sandër PROSI, famous Albanian actor too, "People's Painter"
He is a big artist, a very human presonne, a good friend
Serafin FRANKU, film director, "People's Painter"
  That which ask itself- what can be albanian scenography without Agim Zajmi-would immediately understand the importance and the size of this personality of scenic art
Vangjush FURXHI, professor, "People's Painter"
...Agim Zajmi with its art, remains faithful to its feelings and its own impressions
Alush SHIMA, painter, Director of the National Fine Arts Gallery of Albania
  Our theatre is a important component of the big cultural building of our country. Agim Zajmi put to that a significant stone
Albert MINGA, film director, "Deserved Artist" of Republic of Albania
Agim Zajmi is a kilometric stone on the highway of Albanian scenography
Gazmend LEKA, professor on the Fine Arts Academy of Tirana, Albania


"In the paintings of this artist dominates especially the technique of oil on canvas and the gouache ...

...before years 1990 you can noticed in his creations of portaits, the authentic Albanian woman. In the other side but in the same table you can see the released and modern woman of today. What creates a very strong contrast in its tables...

In these landscapes of the mountains one it can be noticed a superhuman dimension. These tables who show existing or imaginary places, reflect very well the mountain environment on the north of Albania, often hard and hostile

One remains impressionated in front of his art works whith legendary reasons.

Those paintings are filled of feelings. It is not only thanks to the harmony of the colors and the interest of the composition but also because of specific vision of the artist .

These tables represent the Albanian cosmos and universe

Ruzhdi USHAKU, Professor, Doctor, Art critic