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AGIM ZAJMI: Scenography, Painter, Professor

> The most valued Scenographer of the Albanian Theater
(with over 300 scenographies)
> Distinguished Albanian painter (with about 800 artworks)
> Professor at the Albanian Academy of Belle Arts for 40 years.
> President of the “Nationwide Figurative Artists’ Association”
> Recognitions and Awards: “People’s Artist”, “Artist Emeritus”, “Professor”(alb.), etc.

Born in Tirana on November 28, 1936.


Agim Zajmi completed his studies in Painting, Scenography-Costumography at The Imperial Arts Academy of Saint Petersburg and graduated in 1961. In the same year he commenced working as a Scenographer at the Opera and Ballet Theater of Tirana and later on worked mainly at the Tirana National Theater. He also worked frequently with the National Theaters of
Prishtina in Kosova, of Shkup in Macedonia and of Montenegro.

He was a Professor and Dean of The Albanian Academy of Belle Arts in Tirana.

In 1978, upon request of the Albanian Arts Academy, he founded the Scenography studies program and Chair at The Albanian Academy of Belle Arts in Tirana, where hundreds of future scenographers would study and graduate. He taught there for the next 40 years.


His artistic artworks have been exhibited in many countries such as
France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Egypt etc. His paintings are part of the Albanian National Art Gallery Collection and collections of art galleries in other countries as well.

Some of his artworks are currently exhibited at the Foreign Delegations Reception Room and at the Building of the Prime Ministry of Albania.


He is the winner of many national awards in painting and scenography.

For his artistic excellence and merit, he has been awarded:

> Winner of KULT Award 2008 - Best Scenographer of the Year

> First Prize Award in Painting for “Kosova Field” artwork - 1989

> First Prize Award in Scenography for the “General of the Dead Army” theatrical scenography, Kragujevac Festival - Prishtina 1976

> First Prize Award in Scenography for the Eugène Ionesco “Rhinoceros” theatrical scenography, Rajsburg Biennale - Poland 1996

> “Naim Frashëri” Medal Award - 1968

> Second Prize Award in Painting for “Vasil Laçi” Portrait artwork - 1972

> Second Prize Award in Painting for “Ganimet Tërbesha” Portrait artwork - 1981

> Second Prize Award in Painting for “Dedë Gjo Luli” Composition artwork - 1984

> “Aleksandër Moisiu” Award - 1987

> Artist Emeritus of the Republic of Albania - Awarded in 1975

> People’s Artist of the Republic of Albania - Awarded in 1991

> In 1995 he is awarded the Title “Professor” with the motivation for services rendered to the people of Albania by teaching and enriching the Albanian social life with young painters and scenographers.

> Forty of his paintings and scenographies are part of National Fund of the Albanian National Art Gallery.


He is the writer and editor of the “Issues of Scenography and Its Components” Chapter included in the “Theoretical Basis of the Figurative Arts” book which is a textbook for the students of the Tirana Academy of Belle Arts.

Lecturer of many Artistic and Scientific thesis such as “The Development of Albanian Art” at the University of Algiers and “The Artwork of the Albanian Painter Vangjush Mio” in Ankara, Turkey.

He is the President of the “Nationwide Figurative Artists’ Association” with headquarters in Tirana, Albania. The association cooperates with Albanian artists from all ethnic Albanian territories (Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece) as well as the Albanian Diaspora.

The impact and repercussion of Agim Zajmi’s artwork and artistic activity has been reflected in various books, interviews and documentary films broadcasted both in the National and private TV Channels.

> “A voice in the microphone”, Radio Tirana, Guest Agim Zajmi, 30 minutes -1995

> “Blue - with Agim Zajmi”, Klan TV, 120 minutes - 2004

> “The Theater is My Home” by Arben Minga, Albanian Radio Television, 1 hour - 2005

> “Profile - Agim Zajmi”, Vizion+ TV, 30 minutes - November 2000

> “Exclusive Meeting”, ALSAT TV, 1 hour - January 2008

> “Red Fish’s Escape” with Agim Zajmi, NEWS24 TV, 30 minutes - 2009

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