Sheakspeare, The twelve night (oil on canvas)
Sky  crying in kosove, Albania.(oil on canvas)
The general of the death army, Stage design speaking about the Italian soldiers come to take the remainders of the their soldiers in Albania since the Second World War. (oil on canvas)  They are in an Albanian village and speak with Albanians.
War in Kosove. thousands of deaths, exactions, one burns the houses of Albanian, one kills the Albanian childrens, one bombards the Albanian cities, Albanian blood run, fear, dieath in Kosove in 1999.(oil on canvas)
The family of the fisherman.  Poverty, hardness of the life,  for the Albanian fishermen. Albanian stage design(oil on canvas)
the dead river.  Scenography and speaking about the life lasts of the peasants in extraordinary Albanie.Succes of this Albanian stage design
"General of armed died", part written by the writer Ismail Kadare.  Scenography realized by Agim Zajmi.  setting in scene by Pirro Mani (oil on canvas)
Appearance of the virgin, peace, the innocénce and the beginning of the world
Konstandin and Doruntine.  Fairy tales Albanian, Put in scéne at the national success of Albania.  Show the basic values of the albanias
Pier Luigi Pirandello "the man, the animal and the virtue" shows terrible the human being.  This part is dregs with the democratie in Albania in 1990.  Setting in scene in the national success of Albania (oil on canvas)